CANVS started as a crew of street photographers capturing street art throughout Jersey City (New Jersey) and mapping its location. We’ve witnessed first hand how street art tells the graphic story of a city and serves as a visual log of the times.

Our mission at CANVS is to transform the way people interact with street art. We’re doing this by building the most comprehensive mural database in the world.


Through our framework, we are able to capture key insights as it relates to street art and its relationships with its cities. We then use that information to create rich products that will support the artist community, empower organizations/curators and activate cities!

The CANVS App 

Locate, interact, and learn about street art in different cities on iOS and Android

Custom Mural Mapping   

Working with cities and organizations producing custom mural maps powered by our database. See JCMAP

CANVS Contributor  

Street art crowdsourcing community capturing street art from all over the world (launching soon)

Street art is transforming the way people engage in cities around the world


Ralph Andre

Ralph André, CEO and co-founder, is the creative force behind CANVS. An award-winning creative director who combines UX, product design, branding and interactive media to produce engaging and memorable experiences. 

Ralph is an avid street art photographer/videographer who has compiled a vast collection of street art photo and video from different cities. Sharing the stories behind the art and the artists is what inspires his passion for street art.

Lorren Cargill

Lorren Cargill, COO and co-founder, is a former graphic designer turned consultant. We’re not sure what went wrong, but it works for CANVS. Lorren obsesses about systems and processes, and at the same time remains a creative problem solver. 

Lorren fell in love with Street Art while living in Mexico City, where he witnessed the deep relationship between the communities and the murals that grow from them.

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